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Tri Tone Blue Contacts - 90 Day

Each order is priced Per Pair
    Tri Tone are the perfect way to completely change your eye colour with a natural look that will have your friends intrigued and amazed at your new appearance.

    Our 90 Day contact lenses are prefect for dressing up at parties, Halloween or simply changing your appearance for a special night out. 90 Day contact lenses offer great value for money as they can be re-used more than once within the 90 Day period.

    All contact lenses sold on our website have received Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. All ranges are made with completed cast mold by the patented pigment outside inlay method, the most sophisticated and safe colour eye accessory printing technology. 

    We are a UK based business specialising in coloured contact lenses.  The lenses sold throughout our site have been manufactured by UK company InnoVision Lens.

    Power : Zero

    Base Curve : 8.7mm

    Diameter : 14.2mm

    Wearing Period : 90 Days

    SKU : Tri Tone Blue Contacts - 90 Day

    Brand : InnoVision Lens

    Product Code : Tri Tone Blue Contacts - 90 Day